Pensacola Skydiving

Skydiving near Pensacola, FL is easy. If you are in Pensacola,

Florida, Destin, TallahasseePanama City, FL or Dothan, AL, look

no further.  We offer a fun, exciting and safe Northwest Florida

panhandle skydiving experience.

Higher Jumps!!!    14,000 feet!!!

With our larger jump aircraft we jump from a higher altitude all year round. King-Air in the house!

We will be flying higher and doing more jumps! Northwest Florida's Premier Skydiving Facility. Centrally located and close to Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and Destin. It's hard to compare with our enthusiasm and approach to modern skyflying.

The Best Skydiving in the North Florida!

Please check our reviews on Google or at top of the page.  There is no Dropzone in Pensacola.  Beware of

booking agencies.  We do not accept them and they will cost you more money.  We are only 2 hrs from the

P-cola bridge on I-10.

From the owner.

I used to work at ECSC.  Since our friends at Emerald Coast Skydiving Center have closed for business, they

have been recommending their customers give us a call. They know how we operate and trust you will have

an awesome experience. We have a larger plane and have an excellent training program. We look forward to

your business and your presence.

By the way we have lots more info on our main site,

Tony Antonivich

Over 20 years Skydiving experience. Tandem Instructor, ATP Pilot, Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Wingsuit and Freefly Coach, FAA Parachute


Jennifer Antonivich

Over 20 years of experience and the reason we run so smooth every weekend.

DropZone Owners

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Skydiving close to Pensacola, FL

We are "Skydive Panama City"

Northwest Florida's Premier Skydiving Facility

(850) 674-5867

Skydive Near Pensacola

Specials $189-$199

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Pensacola area Skydive _ Not the cheapest, the best!